Engage your leads like never before

GetAnna not only responds to queries, but also delivers data that enable you to analyse sales efficiency, making you more productive, less stressed and just a little bit happier.

GetAnna simplifies communication and saves your time
Certainly you received a query in the middle of the night or during a meeting. You had planned to respond as soon as you would come back to the office, but under the burden of duties it slipped your mind? We would like to help you! GetAnna will answer all your leads within 5 minutes, 24/7, via SMS or e-mail and increase your chances of transaction.
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GetAnna helps you recognize leads preferences and prepare the personalised offer
By the time you call a lead, you know his preferences, that GetAnna has already gathered for you during the conversation. Furthermore, you have an access to the history of all carried out conversations and profiles of your leads.
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Below can be found anonymous opinions from genuine conversations carried out by GetAnna. Make an appointment with us to see completely talks.

"Ah!! Really unbelievable! I never thought there are 24/7 real estate agencies. Thank you so much."
Mrs Monika, 23:34

"Thank you very much for your help! I appreciate a lot you have responded at that time. Have a nice evening"
Mr Ryszard, 22:13

“Good morning, Mrs Anna. I am surprised by your fast reaction! :)”
Mr Maciej, 23:40

“Good morning Mrs Anna. I am impressed by the speed of your action!”
Mr Tomasz, 06:45