The new standard in
contact with a lead

You get inquiry from the lead while you are on your way to presentation, signing an agreement or spending your free time with family? Don’t worry – GetAnna will respond to all your query within 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You are in a good company

Let’s check why real estate agents use GetAnna in their daily job

How GetAnna works?

A lead sends you a message through the contact form on ads portal or your website.
Human-assisted A.I. GetAnna engages in a personalized text messages (SMS) or email conversation with that lead within 5 minutes since initial contact, 24/7, increasing chances of conversion even up to 21 times*.
GetAnna sends you ready profile of customer’s preferences, and the record of the whole conversation can be found in the app. We are saving time of our customers while increasing their conversion.
By using the profile, you can easily prepare set of offers for your potential client and be sure that he is committed and is waiting to be contacted. We keep our finger crossed for finalisation of transaction.

Are you ready to engage you clients?

GetAnna will make your first impression looks excellent by fast and personalised contact. Meanwhile you have time to take care of other duties, and we are going to send you committed customers!

Just test the tool, that will help you to engage the potential committed leads.