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Coop made in USA  by  Enrico Massetti

Coop made in USA by Enrico Massetti
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In the age of unemployment, downsizing, andoutsourcing, where can a poor soul find a job?Well, maybe it’s time we create our own. Selfemploymentis an option and can seem freeing, butit’s hard to do everything yourself and find time for anon-work life. The worker coop is an alternative tothe isolation of self-employment and the exploitationof traditional jobs. (Mira Luna)... I have a PhD in anthropology, so I love to seepeople behavior. The first ten minutes I was in a cab Iasked myself what I have been doing wasting my lifenot driving a cab?...

I can expect to make between18$ and 26$ an hour... we are the most successfulcab company in Madison, and this is in part due to thefact that we dont have to pay the CEO a six figuresalary... I think our name, Union Cab, is beautifullyevocative of how we are as a company,...

we haverepublicans, we have democrats, we have socialists,we have anarchists,well, I dont think we have anycommunist...Rebecca Kemble, PhD, taxi driver, Madison UnionCab.How does the business management end ofthings get done? (Who pays the bills?)Each collective will approach this in their ownway. In our case, in addition to our usual daily work,each of us takes on administrative tasks on the basisof skill or inclination. At one time, eachadministrative task could be performed by a singleindividual. These days, most require the work of acommittee.

We break down the administrative areasas follows: Accounts payable, accounts receivable,financial, supply ordering, paper ordering,marketing/promotion, donations, accountsdevelopment, payroll/vacation, sales tax, benefitsadministration, machine maintenance & repair, newequipment & services research, health & safety,aesthetics and physical plant.

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